For any organization without a lot of capital, such as church groups, schools and social clubs, funding an excursion such as a conference or off-site event can be challenging but it is possible. Here are five fundraising methods that will let you take your group away from home and experience some of the world.

Volunteers serve food at a fundraiser

1: Use crowdfunding websites to your advantage

Today, fundraising is perhaps easier than ever with crowdfunding websites such as GoFundMe, KickStarter or Patreon. Using a crowdfunding website allows you to accumulate all of your funds in a single digital account, making it easy to share and advertise your fundraising efforts on social media. Even if you use other fundraising methods, running a crowdfunding campaign with one of those websites should always be your backup.

2: Give back to the community

Selling food or hand-made products is one of the most-enduring forms of fundraising for school or educational events. Giving back to the community through a large potluck or by selling handmade products lets you to raise funds while giving your community something in return.

3: Promote it on social media

One of the best things about digital advertising is how inexpensive it is. Buying ad space to advertise your fundraising efforts on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram is an affordable way to raise awareness and funds for your group. Of course, it’s worth noting that if you decide to advertise for your group digitally, you’ll also want some sort of branding materials such as pictures or videos that showcase your organization in its best light to justify its request for funds. Acquiring those materials shouldn’t be very complicated, and doing so will give your ad campaign a legitimacy that will inspire people to donate.

Carwash fundraiser

4: Create on-brand gifts for donors

Asking for donations is never easy, but it becomes a lot easier if you offer your donors something in return. Mass-producing simple products such as lapel pins, stickers, magnets or items such as tote bags for large donations, is fairly cheap and is a step up from the community potlucks. If your target donors are a bit older or are less-involved in your community, offering meaningful gifts is a great way to encourage them to contribute.

5: Join forces with other groups

Groups often underestimate how much they have in common with other organizations. Aligning with a local organization and running joint fundraising campaigns opens up a plethora of opportunities. You can have one organization run the digital side of things while the other organizes grassroots fundraising events. Each group will reap the rewards and get a well-deserved expedition.

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