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National 4‑H Conference Center
7100 Connecticut Avenue
Chevy Chase, MD 20815

Phone and Email

Group/Event Reservations: 800-368-7432
Front Desk Phone: 301-961-2801
Fax: 301-961-9622

Meet Our Team

Associations & Nonprofits, Scouts

Armando Lazarte

Director of Sales 301-961-2687

Schools & Universities

Sean Lyons

National Sales Manager 301-961-2901

4‑H, Summits, CWF, LWF

Ameena Chaudhry

Sales Associate 301-961-2827

Educational Programs

Maria McNeely

Director of Educational Programs 301-961-2812

Day Meetings

Patrick Sampson

Express Meeting Manager 301-961-2829  

Faith-Based Organizations

Mary Stallings

Sales Manager 301-951-3064  

Corporate, Government, and International

Sufiyah Bundy

Sales Manager 301-961-2647