How to Plan Your Retreat

When looking to plan your retreat ask yourself the following questions. If you can clearly answer all of these questions you are well on your way to planning an amazing retreat. Bring your people and your agenda, we will take care of everything else!

  • Why do a retreat?

    What are you hoping to accomplish by having a retreat? Having a clear set of goals will help you frame your retreat and agenda.

  • Where should the retreat be held?

    At National 4‑H Conference Center of course! Your retreat location should be far enough away from home to create a sense of getting away without being outside the travel comfort level of your attendees.

  • How often should we hold a retreat?

    At minimum you should hold an annual retreat. Getting away quarterly or biannually is best but at minimum getting away from the norm once a year will prove to be invaluable.

  • How long should the retreat be?

    Retreats can be any length of time from 1 day to 4.

  • Who should attend the retreat?

    Anyone who has an interest or stake in the content of your retreat. For example if you will be planning your church women’s event calendar at your retreat all women of the church should be invited.

  • Rules and Expectations

    Being clear with your attendees is critical. Setting the rules and expectations early on will ensure everyone is on the same page from the beginning.

    Please check out these two great resources for Religious Retreat Planning or for Government Retreat Planning.